Upward bound takes on Jefferson

Alliyah Trim, Editor & Reporter

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MCCC Upward Bound program received a grant of about $4 million to add Jefferson High School to the program and other Upward Bound expenses as of Sept. 1.

Upward Bound is a program that prepares high school students for post-secondary education. This program is challenging, but preparatory, for students who have the desire to attend college.

“It helps approximately 60 first-generation students and their families with the college process,” said Dannielle Lambert, MHS Upward Bound Coordinator.

The program is to help students in any way possible, and students involved have had a positive reaction to the school’s addition. “I think this will be very beneficial because it’s a great thing when anybody joins the program,” senior Kristen Bolster said.

Although the schools involved meet at different locations during the school year, during summer vacation, there is a 6-week Summer Program offered at MCCC where the schools will all meet.

“It keeps the students’ minds going and engaged so that when they come back to school in September, they will retain some things,” Lambert said.

With Jefferson joining the program, some students think there will be more diversity in Upward Bound.

“Students will be able to meet new people and create more of a family environment,” junior Caleb Parrott said.

Staff at MCCC said they enjoy having Upward Bound on their campus. “With three different programs there will be a lot more movement out there and seeing all of their active involvement,” Lambert said.

“There will be hiccups at first, but I think we will be able to work this out,” Bolster said.

Some students think that bringing Jefferson into the program will make it more well known.

“This will be more advertisement for Upward Bound because not many people know about it,” sophomore Samantha Gonzalez said.

According to Lambert Upward Bound can help get more students excited for college.

“I hope this increases college enrollment for Jefferson High School,” Lambert said.

For more information about the Upward Bound Program, please see Lambert in room A120 or contact her at [email protected]


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Upward bound takes on Jefferson