‘Searching for Neverland’ tells heartwarming story

Olivia Bleyaert, Reporter

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On Memorial day, Lifetime released a new movie about Michael Jackson called “Searching for Neverland”. It’s about the last 3 years of his life but in the late singer’s two guards Bill Whitfield and Javon Beard’s (Chad L. Coleman and Sam Adegoke) point of view.

The movie starts after the singer passed away, and the police were asking the guards if Dr. Conrad Murray murdered Michael Jackson then the story flashes back to June 13 after the trials (if you don’t know the trials, it was when different people accused the late singer of child molestation, and he was found innocent.) Michael and his family went out of the country after the trials then they returned to the United States after a couple of months.

This movie shows what a good father he was to his children and what a struggle it was to keep them away from the public and tabloids. Even though there are happy moments throughout the movie, it shows how the late singer struggled with his money and his debt and how he was looking for a new place to hide since he left Neverland with his kids.

He left Neverland because the tabloids knew where he lived, and he felt there was an evil presence and reminded him of the trials. He decided to call the new place Wonderland because he felt this was a new leaf turning around.

The movie felt heartwarming and showed how he was a great father and how he wasn’t these things that the tabloids were saying about him.

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‘Searching for Neverland’ tells heartwarming story