Winter trends take over MHS

Precious Burciaga, Reporter

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Every season has its own trend. Now it’s the time for the most festive season of all: winter.

Winter is here and most people have already gotten started with seasonal trends.

One of the favorite seasonal trends is the change in fashion. As it gets colder, the clothes we wear get warmer and so do our pajamas. People are able to enjoy their onesie pajamas while cuddled up in a blanket watching movies.

Shoe choices also change. Boots with the fur come back to keep everyone warm in the frigid cold. Uggs is known for their women’s boots, but now they have started to create a new trend by making boots for men, too.

Festive lights and holiday decorations are another favorite of many. Decorating the house with holiday decorations and beautiful lights is one thing families love to do together. It brings everyone together and sure stirs up the holiday spirit.

As fun as house decorations may be, the zoo lights seem to be a big favorite as well. Going to the zoo to see the lights and animals creates a special feeling people share with their families and loved ones. It seems to be a big trend among the younger generation to make a date night out of the zoo lights.

Another Christmas and winter trend around here is the Ida Lights Parade or Christmas in Ida. It’s always the first weekend in December and it always has the small farming town of Ida packed with people. It’s definitely a must for young couples, old couples, little kids and everyone in between! The best part might just be Santa Claus at the end of the parade.

While it is always fun following these trends and traditions of the Christmas season, it is also fun to create new ones…. So get out there and have fun this winter. Let’s see what new trends we have next winter.

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Winter trends take over MHS