Trump moves to suspend DACA program

Madisyn Hardy, Reporter & Editor

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The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program has been in place for 5 years and Trump has suddenly made a movement to end it. By ending this program, thousands of students, children, and families will be forced out of their homes and forced to change their entire lives.

What is it?

The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program was put into place in 2012 under the direction of the Obama Administration. The program has helped approximately 800,000 law-abiding young adults that came into the country as unauthorized immigrants during their childhood. The DACA program helps the qualified immigrants to be employed and attain an education without the fear of immediate deportation, yet Trump has suspended the program with the intention to end it completely ( Imagine spending your whole life in America and suddenly having to pick up and leave your school, home, and job.

Why do we care?

Trump has made it very obvious that he wants to take action against the supposed immigrant issue, however going after the children and young people is a whole new level of wrong. By ending the DACA program, 800,000 young people will be deported and lose their homes in America. The people in the DACA program were brought to America as minors. Most of them didn’t choose to come here, so why should they be penalized for the actions of their parents? These people had to work hard to get to where they are in their lives now and it is not okay for Trump to take that away from them. Ending the DACA program can potentially ruin the lives of thousands of people, yet Trump, the man representing our country doesn’t even seem to care.

Many people try and justify Trump’s actions, saying that the immigrants are “stealing their jobs” but that’s an invalid argument. People in general have to work for what they want and if an immigrant is willing to work harder than a citizen, then they deserve the job regardless of where they came from. If someone is willing to work hard in order to succeed, why should they be denied that opportunity because they aren’t from America? A lot of people have come here from other countries and built their lives here, so who are we to take that away from them? What makes it okay to force a harmless human being out of a country just because they don’t have a paper saying that they live here?

DACA was put into place to help the young people from other countries, and there is no good reason to take that away. Removing the DACA program is selfish and wrong, we have to power to make someone’s life better, and the right thing to do is to help.


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Trump moves to suspend DACA program