Student reviews new movie

Kip Mayes, Reporter

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The Circle (2017), the movie based on the 2013 book by Dave Eggers, had viewers cringing in their seats, not only because of the uncomfortable interactions and plot, but the work of well-known actors at their worst.

The plot follows a young woman Mae Holland (Emma Watson) as she accepts a job at one of the most powerful institutions on the Internet called The Circle. The institution is co-owned by Eamon Bailey (Tom Hanks) and Tom Stenton (John Boyega), which off the bat come off as just shady guys with shady intentions.

The plot itself came with good intentions, but just ended up a forced mess. Which poses two questions – is the future to come going to be filled with good intentions turned forced messes? Is the movie’s obvious rush for time a modern metaphor about what is yet to come?

It does seem to many that recent technology such as smart phones, smart watches, and other “smart” things can be very time and life consuming, and in future years might be all we know.

The movie focuses a lot on technology and how it can drastically affect people’s lives, whether it’s for the better or worst, and at one point in the movie the overuse of technology was the cause of a man’s death.

Overall, the movie is one big horribly acted “what if.” What if we had no privacy? What if everything we said and did was broadcasted onto the internet? Would people act differently? The movie’s answer to that question is clearly yes. When being broadcasted to the internet, people seemed to act “better” by society standards.
Although the movie itself was very badly executed, it made the watcher really think about the future. This movie poses a realistic future for the world today, but movies such as The Hunger Games and Divergent also do this, but with good acting and plot setup.


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Student reviews new movie