Boy varsity golf plays first meet

Kaylee Watters, Reporter & Editor

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The boys’ varsity golf team had its first home meet on Friday, April 4 against Bedford, Trenton and Wyandotte Roosevelt High school. The team’s next game will be on April 24 at Saline High S


The team doesn’t have any specific captains or leaders but the varsity team is coached by Bj Hoppe and the junior varsity team is coached by Doug Schade. The varsity team has a total of 12 scheduled invites as of now. The junior varsity has 10.

“I’m looking forward to it. We have a young team, there is still a lot to learn,” junior Johnathon McNamee said.

In the game of golf, the boys play to get the lowest number of strokes per game, which can be known as the stroke play. One round of golf is typically played in 18 holes and played in order of the course.

“One of the challenges we have is the lack of experience. We have a young team compared to a lot of other schools in our league” McNamee said.

Junior Ethan Costello said everyone shot solidly in the first games and that they were all playing where they wanted to.

“I’m really excited. It’ll be hard against the Ann Abor teams but we will challenge them this upcoming season,” Costello said.


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Boy varsity golf plays first meet