Students give opinion on outcome of Chelsea Bruck case

Alex Schneider, Reporter

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Chelsea Bruck was 22 years-old when she was abducted at a Halloween party in the Post and Williams Road area in Frenchtown Township. She was last seen around 3 a.m. Sunday, October 26, 2014, wearing a Poison Ivy costume.

It has been three years since her disappearance; her body was found April 24, 2015, in Ash Township. Wakes and her funeral were held in Maybee, Michigan, where she grew up; hundreds of friends, family, and strangers went to show support and give their condolences. In 2016, an arrest was made in the murder of Bruck, Daniel Clay had been brought into custody July 25, 2016 and charged with second degree murder.

A year later on May 8, 2017, Clay has been brought back into the courtroom, facing a jury of mostly women, and was given a plea bargain of 35 years in prison. According to an article in the Monroe Evening News, Clay denied the plea and now will be going back to court to face possibly charges of first degree murder.

Some students are in favor of the decision because they feel the first degree charge can now be sought.

“That’s good, because I think first degree murder is fitting to what he did. I’m glad it was mostly a woman jury because women are more likely to be empathetic towards the situation. And that’s because I want justice for her,” said senior Mary Hana.

Others felt the jury selection was unfair.

“The jury being made up by mostly women is unfair because they’ll side with Chelsea because she’s a girl,” said freshman Jesse Richards. “But I think it’s good that he is being charged with first degree murder so that she gets justice.”

“I believe that all juries should be fair, and if the jury is made up of mostly women they should still be neutral and not speak on behalf of their personal feelings,” said Maybee resident Anna Zeluff. “However, I do hope that Chelsea and her family get their justice.” –

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Students give opinion on outcome of Chelsea Bruck case