Student gives opinion on new, upcoming fashion trends

Alyssa Domasica, Reporter & Editor

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Fashion has taken a new turn for summer 2017. Last year, sporting logos, pom-poms, and statement earrings were iconic looks in 2016. Now stripes are still in fashion but statement earing have left the building.


Cold shoulder

Over the shoulder dresses, t-shirts, and anything else with sleeves are in trend right now. Having the dress slouch over one shoulder adds an edgy feel to any classic dress.


Statement stripes

Stripes have been in the summer trends for the past few years. This year, however, having multiple stripes going in several different directions adds a 90’s vibes to an outfit. Having multiple colors incorporated, too, is a nice touch.



After Beyonce’s hit album Lemonade in the start of summer 2016, bright yellow has been a staple piece to any wardrobe. Having a bright yellow sundress with some added ruffles is a must-have for this summer.


Flower Power

Floral patterns have gone full speed this year. Having prints that look similar to cute ‘60’s-70’s wallpaper is a must-have. Embroidered floral prints are also making a swinging come back. Have cute shorts with embroidered flowers on the pockets are on everyone’s summer wish list.


New cover ups

Long outerwear, cardigans, kimonos, swimwear, and jackets are all in right now. Keeping them thin is essential since this summer is rumored to be hotter than last year, and last year’s average was 75.5 degrees.


Shocking pink

Having heavy pink colors such as; fuchsia, raspberry, and hot pink are coming back into fashion. They add a nice statement color to any classic look.


Sheer factor

Sheer dresses, whether off-the-shoulder or short-sleeved, make for an ideal bathing suit cover-up for a day at the beach or a night out on the town. A must-have for summer 2017.


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Student gives opinion on new, upcoming fashion trends