Schools crack down on senior pranks

Maryah Cheatham, Reporter

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Every senior gets their time to shine, each year trying to out prank the other. Senior pranks have been around for years but schools are starting to crack down on them.

One of the most recent cases was when police were called to Kentucky’s Rockcastle County High School overnight to prevent seniors from pulling pranks.

At the end of graduation practice, their principal Jennifer Mattingly informed the senior class they would not be allowed on campus Thursday to pull their prank (

Over the years the pranks have gotten more and more out of hand and administrative leaders had to put an end to them for everyone’s safety. The school says the pranks have gotten bigger and more dangerous over the years.

Several students at a high school in Maryland were charged with burglary after they allegedly released 72,000 ladybugs into the school. And in Texas, students are suspected of hanging a dead pig from a high school’s flag pole (

The chief said damage more than $1,000 is an automatic felony in Michigan, but the consequences for a teenager can last a lifetime (

Even at MHS, students were able to come up with a prank this year. A group of seniors dressed as trick-or-treaters and tried to go door to door asking for random treats. Although it was harmless, administrators stopped them before they could complete the task.

Hopefully, students will learn to pull less criminal pranks and will allow the future classes to have a turn at a funny senior prank.

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Schools crack down on senior pranks