Apple, Samsung continue competition

Maryah Cheatham, Reporter

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The never-ending rivalry between Apple users and Android users may be getting juicier as new phone releases approach.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Samsung Electronics Co. is releasing the Galaxy S8 just six months before the 10th-anniversary model of the new iPhone. It’s hard for the two companies to continue to compete with each other as new features become difficult to create.

The iPhone is most popular among teens and young adults, meaning it’ll be hard for them to begin to separate from them. A survey conducted demonstrated that 69 percent of about 6,500 teens are iPhone users and 75 percent of those who say that they don’t have one say their next phone will most likely be one (

The Samsung company’s profits have dropped 57percent while iPhone sales have increased 40%, they are constantly unveiling new phones left to right each trying to outshine the other. There’s no way to know for sure who’s winning this battle but people are choosing sides. The market is taking notice and Samsung has been taking hits each time a new iPhone is released but it still reigns as top of the market (

Apple and Samsung have dominated the U.S. market for years now, but smaller phone industries may be coming to light and may try to threaten the rivalry.

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Apple, Samsung continue competition